Rack Star

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Rack Star

Rack Star

When Helen and Erin Star walk into a room, a restaurant or a club, they own it. Helen's Amazonian proportions make her the Wonder Woman of Romania. Maybe she has the costume in her closet? Thanks to Mia Sweetheart for her assistance.

SCORELAND: Do you ever go to topless or nude beaches?

Helen: I always go topless when I'm at the beach. I don't like to have tan lines on my boobies. I have never been to a nude beach yet.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do for fun? Away from any cameras.

Helen: I like to go out with my friends. We love going to the cinema or we try new restaurants in town.

SCORELAND: How do people react when they see you and Erin together in public? Are women jealous?

Helen: Women do get jealous when they see us but that's life. Most men turn their heads around even if they are holding their girlfriend's hand. That's always fun to see!

SCORELAND: Some girls will hit their boyfriends for that. Besides Mia Sweetheart, are you friends with other models?

Helen: I haven't had the pleasure to meet any other models but I'm sure they are all great girls.

SCORELAND: What do you want to say to the guys at SCORELAND?

Helen: I want to thank all of my fans for always appreciating my work. I have the best fans.

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South American Superwoman

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South American Superwoman

South American Superwoman

What Shara Lopez is wearing in this pictorial is what she'd wear leaving her house to go roller-blading or some other outdoor activity. No surprise that the sight of Shara makes people freeze as they check out her spectacular body. She is often asked if she's a model. Seriously, how many women have a rack like this? Trust us, not many.

"I am a very sexual woman," Shara proudly said. "When I was 16 years old, I was scared that I was not going to have nice breasts. I worried about this. Then, suddenly, they began to grow and grow. And now look at them. I love them because they are so big. I have names for them. The right one is called Maria and the left one is Angie."

It's obvious that Shara takes good care of Angie, the slightly bigger of the two, and Maria. That's what bosom buddies are for.

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Erin Star Drops Her Bra

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Super Star Drops Her Bra

Super Star Drops Her Bra

Like her sister Helen, Erin Star learned about SCORE through XL Girl Mia Sweetheart. "It was the first time I ever posed for a professional photographer and I had so much fun," Erin said.

In the history of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines and SCORELAND, Erin and Helen's arrival is one of the most-unique events ever. Naturally big-boobed sisters who both bare it all on-camera? It's a first, going back decades in big-tit modeling. Mia translates Helen's comments into English. "It is a different experience than being on a webcam. Completely different. Every time I modeled, it got easier and more comfortable for me and more fun." Erin's left breast is a little bigger than her right. As far as we know, Erin Star doesn't have names for them, like some girls.

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GILF Shannon Blue Has British Super-Tits

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British Super-tits

British Super-tits

Shannon Blue made a major lifestyle change after her fiftieth birthday. A British GILF, Shannon divorced her husband and used part of a settlement to supersize her boobs, skyrocketing from 34D to 32MM and then moving to Bulgaria with her supportive fiance. Shannon also slimmed down and toned up (Shannon does waist-training), making her massive tits look even bigger.

The editors at SCORE read about Shannon Blue in the British newspapers. Editorials about large-breasted women are the only reason we read newspapers. An invitation to model for SCORE (for the February-March 2018 issue and SCORELAND) was accepted and before long, Shannon was being photographed in Prague.

“Even though it’s an accident that I can make a career out of this, I’m just going to milk it and get everything that I can,” Shannon said on the Channel 5 TV show OMG: My Midlife Plastic Crisis. That’s an interesting choice of words.

Yes, it’s a brand-new way of life for Shannon Blue . New, huge breasts, a new lifestyle and a lot more attention than ever before. Check out Shannon’s exclusive interview in a second video.

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