Hitomi – HOLY COW! The Milking Of Sweet Hitomi

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HOLY COW! The Milking Of Sweet Hitomi

HOLY COW! The Milking Of Sweet Hitomi

Did Hitomi's trip to the Everglades and seeing alligators and snakes give her a bad dream? The girl from Japan is captured, held captive and captivated by two milk-crazed researchers from the dairy department of weird science. In a deserted factory, they hook up suction tubes to her nipples and pump large amounts of milk out of her huge breasts, filling gallon jugs of her creamy boob juice. It's a bizarre lactation fantasy and Hitomi is the centerpiece of this strange milking fetish. Pumping the milk out her big tits creates a mess as an endless stream of milk is sucked out of her. Behind a dripping Hitomi covered in milk spilling from her nipples and one milkman, the second milkman empties a bucket of her nipple nectar into a larger bucket. After her captors depart, Hitomi writhes and wiggles, overcome with erotic fever. It's time to wake up from your dream, Hitomi. The milkmen have left the building.

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Vanessa Y. – Busted In Beaverland

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Busted In Beaverland

Busted In Beaverland

Our conversation with Vanessa Y. continues, plus a few of this Polish hottie's favorite things are listed.

SCORELAND: Do you know any other Polish models with breasts your size?

Vanessa: No, I don't know of any. If I did, I would tell her about SCORE.

SCORELAND: What is life like for you in Poland?

Vanessa: In Poland, it is a very hard life. It is a strange country.

SCORELAND: What country do you like to visit?

Vanessa: Greece.

SCORELAND: How do other women react to you in person?

Vanessa: Other women do not like me. They are jealous

SCORELAND: What do you like to do on a free afternoon?

Vanessa: I like reading a book.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do for fun?

Vanessa: I ride a Quad.

SCORELAND: You met Roxanne Miller, Joana, Lavina Dream and Jennica Lynn in the Dominican Republic. Are there other SCORELAND models you would like to meet?

Vanessa: I'd like to meet Karina Hart and Maya Milano.

SCORELAND: When you were not shooting in the Dominican Republic, what did you enjoy doing?

Vanessa: I was on the beach by the house.

SCORELAND: What has been your favorite SCORELAND photo shoot, if you have any favorites?

Vanessa: Every shoot is my favorite when I am with my favorite photographer, Michael.

Favorite Hobbies: Watching Formula One.
Favorite color: Red
Favorite holiday spot: Greece
Favorite book or writer: Harlan Coben
Favorite drink: Beer, of course.
Favorite Foods: Any kind of meat.
Favorite nightclub: It's a Polish club called Golden Club in my town.
Favorite television show: The Big Bang Theory
Favorite movie: The Fast and the Furious
Favorite actor: I do not have a favorite.
Favorite actress: No favorites.
Favorite music group or singer: Metallica. Guns and Roses, Nickelback and Hurts.

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Breast Bust-out Bonanza Bonus

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Breast Bust-out Bonanza Bonus

Breast Bust-out Bonanza Bonus

It's boob bonus time with Helen Star, featuring close-ups of her heavy, fantastic hooters shaking, dangling, hanging, slapping, clapping, bouncing and more. Six minutes of Helen's majestic, magnificent mounds of fun in slow motion. Too good to be true, except it is true.

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Amora Lee is Naturally Yours

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Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours

“I was snapping bras left and right throughout high school,” Amora Lee said. “I remember when I started working–that’s when I saw the Oprah show with a bra fitter–I told my older co-worker, ‘I need to get measured. Where would I need to go to get measured?’ I went to three different stores in Orlando because everybody said to go to Lane Bryant. Victoria’s Secret is a joke for me. I was wearing them when I realized I had on the wrong-size bra.”

As a naturally chesty super-babe, Amora Lee gets the usual question.

“What gets me the most is that I get asked all the time if my boobs are real. I say, ‘Of course they’re real. Where would I get the money to purchase boobs this big?’ And they’re like, ‘No, they can’t be,’ and I’ll say, ‘Yeah, they are.’ When I eat, you know how some people say it goes to their stomach or their thighs? No. When I eat, it stops at my breasts first and then it might disperse a little to my stomach and a little to my thighs but it always starts at my breasts.”

Her tits are 36K!!  The fact is, no one can buy the kind of boobs Amora Lee is blessed with, and that’s not fake news.

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