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Stefania Kinskih is a Buxom Bather

Buxom Bather Stefania Kinskih Scoreland

"I like to dress in sexy lingerie for a boyfriend," said Stefania Kinskih, a girl with big, real, tan-lined boobs and a sultry look. Stefania was new to showing off her body when SCORE found her.

"I usually don't have sex on the first date," she said. "There has to be a connection and the man has to be very interesting to me. There has to be an exciting chemistry right from the start. I am selective. He has to be charming and well-mannered and very masculine. Even then, I will probably make him wait.

"I like to massage my boobs. I will use cream or oil. I do it very gently, not hard, and that is how I like men to do it for me. This is healthy for the breasts and it also gives me a lot of pleasure. I never thought I would be doing this with a man photographing me. I thought that men like that were degenerates, but the SCORE staff is hospitable and polite. I found myself enjoying it and I like the idea of men watching me do it and giving them pleasure. I am very proud of my breasts."

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