Katy Shavon is Eye Candy

SCORE Eyecandy

SCORE Eyecandy

Should Katy Shavon get an award for best student body outfit? The facts are indisputable: A push-up bra under a bright-green, bare-midriff, button-stretching cardigan and skintight, cameltoe booty shorts, plus eyeglasses to complete that totally academic look that helps to earn scholarships and easy A’s. Male teachers must lose their minds over this Colombian coed, because we did.

Katy feels her bra is a little too tight and it’s a little too hot as she labors to finish some homework. She wiggles out of the bra so she can set her twin tatas free and rub her large nipples. When she’s on her webcam, she rarely wears a tit-sling. The homework can wait. It’s time to play.

Katy Shavon is that slim and stacked girl-next-door we’d all like to live next door to. “I like to be with people who are sure of themselves, fun, respectful and friendly. I am a singer so I like to entertain people. My dream is to travel and sing all over the world.”

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