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Sha Rizel’s Overflowing Cups

Slim Beauty’s Overflowing Cups

Sha Rizel Slim Beauty's Overflowing Cups

Sha Rizel always says she appreciates SCORE Guys and their support. “I love making photos and videos for you,” says Sha. By popular demand, sexy Sha Rizel returns to tantalize and titillate, writhing on the bed in erotic pleasure as her hands roam her big boobs and shaved pussy.

The wonder woman from Ukraine has the perfect face and body of a model from high fashion mags with the exception of her huge natural breasts. On the other hand, Sha should be a bra model for stores and lingerie producers. She’s a winner in the all-natural slim and stacked lottery and there’s not too many of those.

Her slim and stacked friend Hitomi was shooting at SCORE and said to extend her regards to Sha, her co-star in SCORE On Location. Hitomi has fond memories of their week with Sha, Valory Irene and Joana.

Sha has a difficult time when she shops for bras. “When I shop at stores in Kiev, I can’t find what I need. Many bras do not fit my boobs. They must be tailored for me.” A common lament by busty women.

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