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Vanessa Y. – Busted In Beaverland

Busted In Beaverland

Busted In Beaverland

Our conversation with Vanessa Y. continues, plus a few of this Polish hottie's favorite things are listed.

SCORELAND: Do you know any other Polish models with breasts your size?

Vanessa: No, I don't know of any. If I did, I would tell her about SCORE.

SCORELAND: What is life like for you in Poland?

Vanessa: In Poland, it is a very hard life. It is a strange country.

SCORELAND: What country do you like to visit?

Vanessa: Greece.

SCORELAND: How do other women react to you in person?

Vanessa: Other women do not like me. They are jealous

SCORELAND: What do you like to do on a free afternoon?

Vanessa: I like reading a book.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do for fun?

Vanessa: I ride a Quad.

SCORELAND: You met Roxanne Miller, Joana, Lavina Dream and Jennica Lynn in the Dominican Republic. Are there other SCORELAND models you would like to meet?

Vanessa: I'd like to meet Karina Hart and Maya Milano.

SCORELAND: When you were not shooting in the Dominican Republic, what did you enjoy doing?

Vanessa: I was on the beach by the house.

SCORELAND: What has been your favorite SCORELAND photo shoot, if you have any favorites?

Vanessa: Every shoot is my favorite when I am with my favorite photographer, Michael.

Favorite Hobbies: Watching Formula One.
Favorite color: Red
Favorite holiday spot: Greece
Favorite book or writer: Harlan Coben
Favorite drink: Beer, of course.
Favorite Foods: Any kind of meat.
Favorite nightclub: It's a Polish club called Golden Club in my town.
Favorite television show: The Big Bang Theory
Favorite movie: The Fast and the Furious
Favorite actor: I do not have a favorite.
Favorite actress: No favorites.
Favorite music group or singer: Metallica. Guns and Roses, Nickelback and Hurts.

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