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Alexis May – Alexis & Luna

Alexis & Luna

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Scottish pussy meets American pussy in this scene from Chapter One of Ultimate Alexis May. Alexis and Luna got together for a girl date that combined fingers, tongues and Doc Johnson toys in wet mouths and tight pussies until pleasurable exhaustion set in.

They get real chummy real fast. Luna seductively sucks on a lollipop, then they suck on their nipples and get very close, like girls do. Now that they are well-acquainted and mashed-up, Luna puts on a giant strap-on cock and fucks the Scottish out of Alexis May, ramming into her soaking wet "fud," to borrow a Scottish slang word for pussy.

Alexis was 21 years old when she came to the States from Glasgow to shoot for SCORE. There was nothing she didn't already know about sex with guys and girls and about porn. She was already a dirty bird. "I used to lead a double life before my parents found out what I was doing," Alexis May said. "They thought I was still a legal secretary and living with my boyfriend. In fact I was doing porn and living with my boyfriend. We had a huge fight and he basically told my mom and dad to come pick me up from the flat we were living in, and then he told them. When I started living at home again, my parents obviously knew I wasn't a legal secretary anymore, and that…

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