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Cheryl Blossom: Top Model

Cheryl Blossom: Top Model

Cheryl Blossom: Top Model

"I really don't want to hide my cleavage," Cheryl Blossom tells us in this show-and-tell scene in which she shows us several tops for her spectacular breasts.

"I want to show my cleavage and at the same time stay warm. So today, I will show you and you can choose."

Cheryl Blossom used to conceal her sensational assets. Having seen her since 2018, we can't imagine a world without her videos and photos. We love Scoregirls!

>> Naked Yoga with Cheryl Blossom

The first top Cheryl wears is a brown tank top with thin straps. Her natural 38J boobs look about to spill out. She jiggles and bounces. This tank's a winner in every way.

Busty Cheryl Blossom Top Model holds her tops in the air and then picks one to wear next. She's about to choose a sparkly blue one that looks like it's for going out partying but throws it back on the pile to pick a powder-blue blouse that has an open front. Cheryl Blossom talks about what she would wear with this kind of top and does her bounce test in it, one of the great sights in life.

>> Selfie Time with Cheryl Blossom

"I like clothes with a neckline, although I don't need to wear something special to attract attention. I try to avoid the sun, so I think if you saw me outside in the summer, I would have something with long sleeves, and perhaps you wouldn't see me when the sun is out. I do feel more comfortable wearing a bra, so I usually wear one. If I'm in bed, I don't wear one."

Cheryl Blossom topless big tits

Watch as Cheryl Blossom tries on four more blouses, each different, and each one designed to decorate her supernatural figure. If she ever entered a wet T-shirt contest, all the other contestants would probably just throw their hands up and go home when they see her boobs and gorgeous face.

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