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Lucy Laistner: One Shot Wonder

Watch “One Shot Wonder” featuring Lucy Laistner

Busty Russian teen Lucy Laistner reveals her big natural 32N tits

We don’t know much about Lucy Laistner, aka Anastasia Lozhkina, who was just one month past her 18th birthday when she shot for one of our European photographers and videographers for two days in 2019. That was it for Lucy, who then went on with her life but is considered by many, including Elliot, to be one of our greatest naturals ever. This is Lucy Laistner: One Shot Wonder.

It would have been interesting to watch her boob development (she certainly had plenty of years of potential boob growth ahead of her), but I’m just happy we got her on-camera. She found out about us through Demmy Blaze who, of course, has let us watch her tits grow at SCORELAND.

Here’s what we do know about Lucy: She was a college student who enjoyed swimming and taking selfies. “I like to emphasize my breasts,” said Lucy Laistner, who was an 18-year-old college student when we shot this video. “I like to wear tight T-shirts with a bra or without one. I love my boobs and the attention. Sometimes I wear a bra, sometimes I don’t.”

Busty Russian teen model Lucy Laistner sucks on her big natural breasts

Young and stacked Lucy is one of the great girls with world-class natural breasts from Russia and Ukraine who have entered the big-boob scene in recent years. Everyone had seen Lucy on social media but we waited until she turned 18 before asking her to become a SCORELAND model.

“I love photo shoots,” Lucy Laistner said. “Posing is so cool. Preparing for photos and videos and the process of making them gives me great pleasure. I love girls with big boobs. Demmy Blaze, Cheryl Blossom, Maria Body, Samantha Lily…to me, they are so sweet and I admire them. They inspire me. I love to spend time with them when I can.” And who can blame her?

Oh, Lucy, where are you now? If you’re reading this, drop us a call or an email.

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