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Korina Kova: Canadian Heatwave

Korina Kova: Canadian Heatwave

Korina Kova: Canadian Heatwave

Korina Kova used to live the nine-to-five lifestyle but that didn't give her the satisfaction and the freedom she wanted. She became a dancer, did webcam shows and now makes her own videos. We sent her a link to BeASCOREModel.com and she made contact.

Korina has beauty, big boobs and booty. When she was growing up, her teacher pulled her aside and made her start wearing a bra. She likes chill dates, good food and good company. Korina doesn't play sports or have any favorite teams. In her spare time, when she has any, she rescues animals.

Korina is a natural on-camera, with very hot, ultra-sexy moves. She begins with a short chat so you can get to know her first and then gets into her sensational show.

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